Textures of Touch

This series of classes aim to bring heightened states of body awareness and spatial sensitivity in collaboration with perception- and energy-play. Working primarily with skin, muscles and bones, we explore how our sensing and tuning can bring them into deeper dialogue and inform-influence-inspire our connection with other bodies and our surroundings. This leads us to research the interplay between the outside-in and inside-out and along the soft/firm spectrum, all to discover more diverse textures of touch and to find greater interstices of intimacy.

Please bring your journals for some writing, and come with a preparedness to bring in your knowledge base in one moment and with a willingness to abandon it in the next moment.
For this series, I access and bring in a broad range of practices and approaches from the somatic, martial and performing arts–and principles from contact improvisation in particular.


Classes open to everyone; no specific training background necessary. The material is equally relevant for performing artists, body workers, life coaches, martial artists, therapists, counselors, healing arts practitioners, educators, etc, and any and all interested humans.