Movement Meditation & Perception Play

The Art of Being, Becoming and Belonging in the Moment

Through movement explorations and perception exercises, we investigate our understanding of what lies within “being present,” including the aspects therein of absence.

As we become more open & available to inhabit the present moment and shape our experience, we deepen and broaden our relationship to time and space, self and other, as well as context and setting.
– When and why do we enter into and exit out of states, lean towards and away from attitudes, respond to or deflect impulses and senses of urgency?
– How can we expand our palette of options to navigate moments when we experience our bodies, minds and energies narrowing and retreating?
– Wherein lie the possibilities to forge close and intimate connects between our inner emotional and intellectual realm and our outer sensory and tactile terrain?

Alone and with partners—through various forms and in diverse manifestations—we will be moving, stillnessing, talking, writing-mapping & witnessing, observing, feedback-giving, sharing and listening.

“Although it is not possible to plan for transformational moments, we can choose to enter into the realm of mystery. Through humorous lightness and provocative intensity, deep body sensing and expansive imagination engagement, we practice bending our attentiveness towards the resonant present moment. In this unfolding landscape between knowing and not knowing, with our awareness heightened and consciousness expanded, the potential for transformation lives.”      — Jason Seymour


Classes open to everyone; no specific training background necessary. The material is equally relevant for performing artists, body workers, life coaches, martial artists, therapists, counselors, healing arts practitioners, educators, etc, and any and all interested humans.