Movement Improvisation

This class is for everyone who wants to discover their moving body and improvising being. It is open to all levels and experience backgrounds (from “beginners” to “professionals”), and equally appropriate for dancers, singers, actors, performers, mimes, stand-up comedians, puppeteers, etc.

we are moving… here and now… creating material…
we are improvising… in time and space…
we are composing instantly…

First, focusing inward to ready the body for physical movement and expression. Second, expanding outward to awaken our spatial sensitivity and tune into architectural surroundings.

Then—individually & in partnerships—we explore compositional options available to us (such as timing, phrasing & punctuation, giving-taking space), as well as how to engage different aspects of our presence (including how to draw-divert-deflect attention and the connection between physical attitude & narrative intention).

A particular focus is training our ability to recognize the abundance of ever-present stimuli confronting us and to move through moments when we feel lost or overwhelmed—creating and allowing opportunities for something to reveal itself in the midst of nothing / too much.

There is some focus on voice, sounding and text, though more on the edges and always as an option, not an obligation. Each class includes some ensemble work, and taking time to write and speak about what we are experiencing and seeing.