Contact Improvisation

CI is a dance form used to open the senses, break habitual movement patterns and become more present in improvising and partnering, while exploring giving & receiving & sharing weight, tuning & listening, and building energetic and spatial connection with our partner(s) and surroundings.                                          > more info below


Contact Improvisation class

The class is open to people of all levels and backgrounds, and very beginners-friendly.

If you have been thinking of delving into contact improvisation, this is the class to come along to–in a safe and relaxed setting.

If you’re a more experienced practitioner, this class will deepen your skills and expand your movement possibilities.

The material is different in each class, and adjusted to the participants.

My contact ‘biography’ ~
David’s been dancing contact for over twenty years on four continents. Known for his inquisitive nature and experimental methods, he is a well-respected teacher dedicated to his students and a rigorous (un) learning process. Central to how he conveys the joys and possibilities of the contact dance form is his extensive multi-layered and genre-crossing improvisation practice, embodying a range research and performance approaches.

Come prepared to have fun and get some big sweaty dancing on!             (Sweating not actually required 🙂

Thanks/Enjoy,                                                                                                                    David

Contact Improvisation (CI) is a dance form in which points of physical contact provide the starting point for exploration through movement improvisation. Contact explores the physical forces imposed on the body by gravity, by the physics of momentum, falling and lifting, all the while practicing flow, connectivity and spontaneity.

The form was founded in 1972 by Steve Paxton. Integrating his background as a modern dancer and his studies in the martial art form Aikido, Steve developed Contact Improv through explorations with his students and colleagues at the time.

“When an apple fell on his head, Newton was inspired to describe the three laws of motion, that carry his name. … In his attempt to be objective, Newton overlooked the question of how it feels to be the apple. When we put our body mass in motion, we raise above the law of gravity and go towards the swinging, circulating attraction of the centrifugal force. Dancers ride upon, and play with these forces.”
– Steve Paxton (1987)
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