26-28 July – Ponderosa (Berlin) : Artistry & Con Artistry

Standing at the juncture between presence and performance exploring the convergences of vulnerability, transparency, intimacy, liminality and mystery demands an experimental somatic approach to re-awakening both the thinking body and the embodied thought.

Life Dance | Dance Life  ~  Theatrical Being | Being Theatrical

When and why do we enter into and exit out of states, lean towards and away from attitudes, respond to or deflect impulses of urgency?                                  How can we expand our choices when navigating moments when our bodies, minds and energies are narrowing and retreating? leaking and overflowing? Wherein lie the possibilities to forge fluid and intimate connections between our inner emotional and intellectual realm and our outer sensory and tactile terrain?

Present-Absent | Authentic-Fake  ~  Natural-Artificial | Real-Imaginary            & what is Sincerity–really!?

In this research outing we explore with empty space, objects and environments how our layers of experiences, collections of personalities and accumulations of identities determine-disrupt-delight the tension between our artistry and con artistry. We will ally with this process of un-concealing, to discover how we might reveal our individual and collective potential to embrace the roles of Stealthy Provocateurs & Visionary Tricksters towards becoming full-fledged Raging Troublemakers & Ranting Bitches.


26-28/7 – 4 hours a day                                                                                                     95 Euro / 85 Euro before June 15                               Registration: info@ponderosa-dance.de                                             www.ponderosa-dance.de